May 30, 2024

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Granite Countertops Make Your Kitchen Modern and Contemporary

As you look around your kitchen, what do you see? If you see lovely surfaces that are full of color and sheen, then you likely feel you have an updated space. If what you see is classic tile or chipping linoleum in dated, unattractive hues, it may be time for a makeover. Discover the ways granite countertops can make give your space a facelift.

Unique Beauty

If you want to make your kitchen appear more beautiful, granite countertops are the way to go. This natural style comes in a variety of colors like jade, bronze, light pink, and violet. You can choose surfaces that have natural glitter and shine or go with a more solid piece that has a streamlined appeal. Your install expert can walk you through your options to help you choose the perfect piece that will complement your space best.


If you want surfaces that last in your kitchen, these types of countertops never disappoint. Unlike linoleum or tile, which can scratch, fade, or stain, this material is sturdy and resistant to natural daily wear. This type of install is difficult to scratch, does not chip easily, or fade when exposed to the sun. Spills and stains wipe away easily, especially if the surface has been treated with a sealant. With this type of counter surface in your home, you can feel confident that the timeless beauty will last and stand the test of time even if you use your kitchen often.


Granted, granite countertops are a more expensive material than tile or marble, but they maintain their value for years. Since this beautiful and natural rock rarely goes out of style, you can be sure that any design you choose for your home will remain modern for years. Unlike cheaper mediums, you won’t be thinking about upgrading any time soon. This makes the install cost-effective. Keep in mind that marble and quartz are often more expensive than granite.

Appraisal Value

Homes that have granite countertops usually have a higher appraisal value than homes that don’t. This is a major plus if you plan on selling your house. Renovating a kitchen, even if all you do is this upgrade, can give your home the boost it needs to appeal to buyers. Since this material lasts for decades, potential home buyers will be enticed by the lovely modern touch.

If you want your kitchen to look amazing, granite countertops can make a huge difference. Durable, gorgeous, and cost-effective, you can enjoy this type of renovation in your residence for many years. If you are going to do any remodeling in your cooking space, this addition is a lovely place to start. It gives a contemporary and modern look to your house without you having to do a lot of work.