June 22, 2024

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Good Bedroom Design Tips to Increase The Value Of Your Property

The bedroom is a very important room that needs to be considered when developing property.

One of the most important aspects of good bedroom design is the colour. For a small room or one that doesn’t receive much natural light, the use of light colours such as white or magnolia is a must. Such colours create a sense of space.

If you are new to property developing, I would recommend you try experimenting with different colours in rooms of differing sizes. For example, for a short room where the room is very wide but not long, you could try a cool colour on the end wall and dark colours on all the sidewalls. This will cause the room to appear much deeper than it actually is.

Conversely, where the room is longer than it is wide, you could try painting the end wall with a dark colour and side walls with lighter colours. The net effect is a room that appears larger and squarer than it actually is.

For those property developers who are more adventurous, you could introduce some design and style into your bedrooms. Horizontal patterns with a light coloured back wall will make any room look spacious and long. Vertical patterns will create height, especially useful if your property has low ceilings for example as in period cottages.

Prior to putting your newly developed property on the market, you should consider furnishing the roperty. Unfortunately a lot of potential buyers have difficulty in picturing how empty property will look when furnished. Well furnished property thus achieves higher prices than their unfurnished counterparts.

When furnishing your newly renovated bedrooms, always use good quality furniture. For example, teak tables, teak chairs, deep plush seating and good quality beds which would match your potential market’s taste. If you do not own such furniture, you should definitely consider hiring something for the period during which the property is on the market.

If you are unsure of the type of furniture to use, you should visit other similar size properties in equivalent areas as your target market will already have furnished these properties to their own tastes.

Finally, when developing bedrooms, never lose sight of your budget. It’s easy to go overboard when it comes to expenditure, so you need to keep a strong grip on all expenses throughout the development.

Successful bedroom design and modelling is an art that takes experience to perfect. It is not as easy as randomly placing furniture in the room and hoping for the best. Furthermore, expensive designs don’t always work best. What is more important is for you to now who your target market is, and to design your bedroom according to their tastes, not yours.

When developing property, you should always try to make your house stand out from all the other newly developed properties of the same size and in similar locations. For example, you could have a teen bedroom in the house. You could try experimenting with colours too, for example pink for girls and blue for boys.

You may also want to stage a bedroom as an office by adorning it with high-end computer peripherals, and other modern technological equipment. Obviously, how far you go will depend on the size of your property. Having an office in the only bedroom of a one bed flat will not work!

Clever bedroom design and staging is definitely an art any good property developer needs to learn. Bedrooms designed and furnished according to the target market of that property can help you achieve a far higher price than you would otherwise have obtained.