June 13, 2024

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Article Marketing: Tips That Guarantee Success

Writing and publishing articles is a powerful tool that, when used correctly, will strengthen your reputation as an expert in your field, drive traffic to your website and create backlinks, all of which will improve your search engine ranking. Successful article marketing is fairly simple and will not break the bank. In fact, if you do your own writing, it won’t cost you anything. Use the following tips to get the most from your efforts.

Start with a dynamic title. This is important because you have to grab the reader’s attention to get them to read your article. Think of it as fishing. If you don’t have a good lure, the fish won’t bite. Because internet competition is huge, look for something that makes you stand out from the rest. Avoid long titles and use keywords that will yield a high search volume. Place keywords (or keyword phrases) at the beginning of your title. Be creative in finding title ideas. Search the web, related blogs, magazines, product reviews, etc., to get ideas that will resonate with your target audience.

Write informative articles, providing information your readers can use. This will hook them and keep them coming back for more. Take care to make sure your articles are grammatically correct and organized in standard writing format: opening paragraph, body and closing. Use italics, underlines and bold where appropriate, but don’t overdue it. Keep your articles short. Most people will lose interest if it is over 600 words. Use your article to captivate your reader so they will want to visit your site over and over. Include a two to three percent ratio of keywords in your article.

Avoid providing information in fragments, i.e., a series. If you find yourself writing a really long article, it is best to break it up into two or three stand-alone articles. Most readers feel they are missing out on something if they missed the first of the series or have to wait for another. Readers today want instant gratification.

Use a well-known article directory site to publish your articles. There are many to choose from. Your connection with reputable sites will increase your search engine ranking. Choose directories that cater to your niche and have high traffic. If you plan to submit articles to more than one site, make sure you modify or rewrite your articles so they won’t be rejected as duplicate content. All article directory sites have their own publishing guidelines so you may have to make format changes of your article or bio box before submission to each directory. An important thing to remember when using an article directory is you cannot promote your product or service. Most directories do not allow this.

Finally, consider paying someone to write articles if you feel you cannot write effectively or it takes you a long time. It is important you publish high quality, informative articles. If this is better done by someone else, it actually becomes more cost-effective. Article marketing is an effective and valuable SEO tool, but so is your time. You have to decide what is most advantageous for you.

Article marketing is an SEO tool that does more than drive traffic to your site. It gives you exposure, builds your credibility, increases your search engine page ranking due to your connection with reputable websites, and you gain increased traffic and backlinks. Choose your titles carefully; write high-quality, informative and useful articles; and be consistent. You may not achieve results immediately, but it will happen.